Should commentators go on goalkeeper coaching courses?

I was amazed this weekend as I am on numerous occassions when the commentator proclaimed that the goalkeeper had made a fantastic save. When in actual fact he had parried the ball straight out to the opposing team’s attacking player. He was fortunate that the attacking player did not then capitalise on this and no goal was scored… Just imagine if the attacking player had actually capitalised on the goalkeepers parry and a goal was scored, would the commentator be embarrassed and/or perhaps then back track pointing to the poor parry…

Then again perhaps we should be grateful that the commentary was positive as in some cases I have heard commentators pointing to the goalkeeper being at fault for a goal scored by the opposition, rather than pointing to the errors of the team…

Yes, goalkeeping is an unforgiving position, but please provide geneorus praise where it is due and critise constructively ūüėČ


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