Bird spotting

The Seagulls, whose team included Matt Sparrow beat the Robins 2-0. But the score line could have been even greater had it not been for David James’s superb ‘Flying Saves’.

The seagulls take on the Eagles at the end of the month – so who will end up higher in the pecking order? Can a seagull soar higher than an Eagle? Who will get in a flap? 😉


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  1. Slight amendment in that prior to meeting the Eagles, the Seagulls played the Magpies…

    Following the result tonight means: The Seagulls have seen off the Robins and now fought off the Magpies, with the Eagles lying in wait…

    It’s a shame for Tim Krul. A superb keeper, who had yet another great game in goal.

    Just goes to show though that Brighton did get more bang for their buck (£1M), as Will Buckley is flying at present. 😉

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