Psychology coaching works!

In my post on getting one over your doubters, I pointed to improvements made by my daughter thanks in part to the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy and the psychology coaching she received.

She like the other players was asked to do an imagery script. In that she had to write down a script of how she kicks a dead ball (goal kick), i.e. how she, places the ball, how many steps, to take, how fast the run up, how she kicks the ball (the technique), how she feels kicking a good one, how… etc. I was not sure how this was going to work myself until I saw it come to life out on the pitch…

She placed the ball just as she wanted, ensuring she took the right number of steps from the ball. Then she stopped, thought about what she was going to do and the ran and kicked a great dead ball… Wow

I think that writing it down and then following that routine, actually firmed it up in her mind.

She did know how to do it, but in the past in matches, she would not necessarily follow any sort of routine. Instead, just kicking the ball and seeing it go literally anywhere… She would often know immediately, what she had done wrong and then try and correct the next one (if her old manager was to give her that chance…).

So fast forward to now and in recent matches most kicks are great. Because she uses her script… Well most of the time – You actually can tell whether her kick will be good or not as you now notice when she isn’t following her script.

I have since coached this technique to her out field team mate, wanting help on her free kicks. With then getting them in return to teach their technique to another member of her team. It worked and brilliantly at that…

I am now definitely bought in to the concept of imagery scripts. David James (who has our admiration at the Academy) uses them. If you want to find out more check out this interview with David James from Sky Sports:

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