Why Goalkeeper Coaching is great medicine and why playing for a team could have been benefiial to my youth…

I have not always been a Goalkeeper (well definitely not when I was in nappies), partly because I was not very good at catching or throwing balls and even though I watched football never really either had the encouragement to take it up or the confidence to want to!

Confidence issues as a child

As a child I was very shy, not really having the confidence to make friends that easily. I see now by looking back that perhaps being involved in a team sport such as football could have actually helped my social skills and maybe even helped me make friends. I say that because I have seen this with my daughter. She was someone who found it hard to integrate, however now she has developed as a person through being part of a team. And through further specific coaching we have seen her confidence improve too.

So how did I get into Goalkeeping?

Pretty much the same as my daughter, she wanted to play out field at first, because like most children interested in football it’s all about scoring goals. Most first team professional goalkeepers started in much the same way too!

We both went in goal as nobody else wanted to and we just were willing to help out the team. But once in goal, coupled with a leaky defence meant that we actually got more action than outfield and actually enjoyed making the saves. We both got the bug. And believe me… it is infectious!

So how did I get into coaching?

My daughter went further than me and actually wanted to improve further through coaching. So she went to various coaching sessions. One, with Bernard Day (now a coach at the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy), with a style of coaching that meant she enjoyed Goalkeeping even more. And the other sessions with the Worcestershire FA, who later invited me to attend a coaching event.

The Worcestershire FA coaching event was to give an understanding of goalkeeper coaching to enable parents and outfield coaches to provide support to their goalkeepers. It certainly opened my eyes further. I was already helping out in a limited capacity, but this allowed me to get closer to my daughter and provide the support and encouragement she needed from me to improve.

So now I not only had the bug for Goalkeeping but coaching it too. Subsequently being invited to attend and achieving the FA Goalkeeping Level 1 coaching award.

Why is Goalkeeper Coaching good medicine for me?

It was good before I was a coach, when I would take my daughter to the various coaching sessions as I would get out more away from the television. A chance to unwind watching my daughter having fun and getting involved. But its even better now.

Through providing her with the support she needs has brought my daughter and I much closer together. And even though a stroppy teenager at home, at a match or coaching session we get that quality time needed.

And through coaching now at the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy, I have something keeping my mind busy, something that is fulfilling, when seeing a child develop through a session plan I developed and above all it has got me fitter and healthier.

Perhaps I did not need to write this as you can already see how committed and passionate I am about Goalkeeping and Goalkeeper Coaching through this blog!

Goalkeeping and Goalkeeper Coaching I can recommend it to you all!



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  1. Happy New Year to you. I hope you are in good health.
    I have always had a great passion for football but since my senior school I have been a rugby boy. I play for the year above team and have been offered to play with the Birmingham County but it hasn’t appealed to me.
    I do Karate as a sport with my brother and Dad . We do this twice a week which I enjoy.
    At the end of January I should be doing my brown belt.
    I enjoyed reading your web site and wondered if there was a course I could attend that you run to give me an introduction to goal keeping.
    All the best and look forward to your reply.

    Regards Giles

    • Thank you for your kind words. I am glad you are enjoying my site. Bernard Day is one of the many coaches at the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy, where we train and mentor both Goalkeepers and Goalkeeper Coaches. He is one of our most experienced coaches and does potentially run other sessions outside of Worcester, north of Birmingham. If you can make it to Worcester then we start again 18th January 2013 or else I can pass your details to Bernie?

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