Imagery Scripts – The start of something good

As previously posted, at the Academy we encourage our keepers to produce imagery scripts as they help focus the mind, especially in a game or a Development exercise.

This week one of our new Goalkeepers produced their written imagery script for how they kick a dead ball, which they gave to me before actually going through the training exercise of Friday. This was great, as we could not only read what they were thinking but then get them to demonstrate the script in action and furthermore we could then help them add to it or better it through coaching…

Their imagery script was as follows:

  1. Look for a good piece of ground to place the ball on;
  2. Place the ball on the ground;
  3. Find a piece of writing on the ball to use as a spot to kick;
  4. Place my standing foot next to the ball and make a little mark;
  5. Look up to see where I am aiming for or to see if there is a shorter option;
  6. Take six steps back and one to the left;
  7. Look again and call my full backs short. If there is a short pass on, I would use it, if not pick a player to aim at;
  8.  Run up to the ball;
  9. Place my standing foot on the mark;
  10. Swing my right foot back and kick the ball; and
  11. Follow through with my right foot.

This was a great first attempt at an imagery script by a novice member of the Academy. This now gave us something to work on. We as coaches already had questions and ideas to improve the script and that which we could now work on with the Goalkeeper in training, such as:

  • What do they class as a good piece of ground?
  • Why do they make a little mark?
  • Why six steps, could it be more efficient taking 2 or 4 steps?
  • Why take one step to the side, would they do better taking steps to an angle?
  • How fast do they run up to the ball?
  • How do they actually kick the ball and with what part of the foot?
  • etc…

So in the training session we got this Goalkeeper to work through their imagery script and watch how they kicked the ball (as in their own admission, this was an area they wanted to improve!). After a few attempts we had noticed a few things that could improve, which we ran through with the keeper, such as fewer steps and for kicking the ball with the right part of the foot.

By the end of the night, improvements were noticed by both the coaches and the Goalkeeper. So now this Goalkeeper has extra detail to add to this imagery script. I shall ask them again sometime in the future to provide a new imagery script and look forward in anticipation to seeing an expanded script, incorporating the improvements they and us have noted over the next few weeks/months…


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