Focussing on Goalkeeper improvement – Positioning

As said let us now then focus on realistic improvements, not focussing on those things that are rare, like keeping a clean sheet. Yes, if you do keep a clean sheet, well done. However as in my previous post focussing on something more realistic is better for you and your confidence.

So perhaps you may need to focus on your positioning?

As a Goalkeeper do you:

  • Follow the movement of the game while it is playing? – Do you move to the left side of your goal/area with play occurring on the left side of the pitch?
  • Move in line with the ball and the goal?
  • Come off your line and narrow the angle for the opposing player? – That you make the goal look smaller, which in essence makes you look bigger? 

If the answer is no or you feel you could do better, then these are areas to focus on in a game. Maybe it is that you are good at positioning but you may need to focus on speed of movement or balance as areas to further enhance and improve your skills in this area.

But as said before don’t focus on improving 100%, as development of skills takes time, so for example, in starting out maybe encourage yourself to just follow the movement of the game. As this is a good starting point as if you are following movement you are positioning yourself generally in line with the ball and the goal…


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