Vision technicians – Goalkeepers need to be observant!

Vision Technicians… No, not window cleaners… Great goalkeepers!

For Goalkeepers must watch the ball, watch the players, follow the game … Basically be observant of everything and alert at all times.

The Benefits:

  • Having such an alert Goalkeeper can help the team and as previously posted, they can communicate what they are observing round the pitch to the other players;
  • Watching the game can get the Goalkeeper in the right position in front of the goal;
  • As practiced this week at the Academy actually stopping and waiting at least just a couple of seconds to watch the flight of the ball will actually help the Goalkeeper judge what they need to do to either catch the ball (hands, feet, position etc) or re-position for a ball they aren’t likely to catch (balls over head and that for example, they may need to then get into position for a shot from the opposite side of goal…); and
  • Improving alertness, means improved reactions (technical AND psychological development). Reacting quicker to situations, to move into position quicker (see earlier points) or to stick out that all important, last second, hand or foot…
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Sometimes Goalkeeper play games that not much happens. For young goalkeepers it is easy for their minds to wander in games such as these. With them being caught out when at a moments notice the action is at their goal. It is easier to encourage older Goalkeepers to keep alert, but they too can be caught out in similar situations. So you have to feel for all Goalkeepers in matches with not much action, so keeping the Goalkeepers alert can therefore sometimes be a challenge…

So as coaches we could:

  • Encourage them to get them more involved with their team-mates, by getting them to watch/follow the game and issue instructions at the back, keeping them and their team-mates alert;
  • Get them to feedback at half-time, full-time and if appropriate through the game on theirs and their team’s performance – this could ensure the previous point; and
  • Coach techniques: to keep them observant; to encourage movement, handling and positioning; to remind them to wait momentarily, judging the flight of a ball before moving to catch a high ball…etc.

As a coach I too have to be observant – I shall keep an eye on how my Goalkeepers get on and if they improve! 😉


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