Goalkeeper spotlight: Kasper Schmeichel

With votes flying in for the Premier league’s 20 seasons, the biggest candidate for the best Goalkeeper over those 20 seasons must be Peter Schmeichel. He was such a great Goalkeeper that every goalkeeper after him at Manchester United had a lot to live up to! So spare a thought for his son, Kasper who people are already trying to match up against his old man!

The pressure on Kasper to be as good or better than his dad must be immense, but he isn’t doing too bad… Yes, he has some similar traits to his Dad, he makes mistakes (don’t we all!) but let’s face it he is only 25 and he is still developing. If he is like his dad, then he still has another 14 years of Goalkeeping to prove he is as good as we hope he is!

He has great potential and this potential was first really shown during his time at Notts County under Sven Goran-Eriksson where in the 2009-2010 season:

  • He kept 24 clean sheets in 43 games (this equated to a 55.8% ratio for clean sheets to games; and
  • Only conceded 29 goals in 43 matches. an impressive 0.67 goals conceded per game. 

Fast forward then to this season (2011-2012) with Leicester City (also signed by Sven Goran-Eriksson) and with only 1 match to go this Kasper has: 

  • Played in every league match this season (45 games);
  • Conceded 54 goals; and
  • Kept 14 clean sheets.

Yes that does mean that Kasper has conceded more (1.2 goals conceded per game) than at Notts county and the ratio for clean sheets to games is lower too at 31.1%. However at Leicester he has been far busier in goal than at Notts County! Kasper has actually had to cope with an astonishing 240 shots on target (far lower than my last goalkeeper spotlight blog for Adam Federici). Therefore if you based his stats on how busy he actually was, then at 54 goals conceded versus 240 shots on goal, means that he only conceded 0.2 goals per every shot at goal, which you have to say is very impressive. 

OK, he may not win the golden glove this season, but then that is difficult for any Goalkeeper that has to cope with that amount of shots on goal (a good point to remember for those student Goalkeepers), but how good a keeper is, is more than just clean sheets (another good point for the student Goalkeepers). So it isn’t a surprise to read in the press that he is being linked to moves to the premiership.

Kasper is most definitely one to watch and has every chance to emulate the success of his Dad. I can’t wait to see that – although it’s a shame he isn’t an English international!

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