Premiership 2011-2012 Goalkeeper Awards – Busiest Goalkeeper Award: Wayne Hennessey

The Busiest Goalkeeper not just on the number of shots on goal, but with the number of shots to games ratio was Wolverhampton Wanderers Goalkeeper, Wayne Hennessey. As you will see below he won by a clear mile to the next busiest keeper. With so many shots on goal it looks like he didn’t get a moment’s peace. However with the injury he has now sustained he now at least gets four months worth of rest… I wish him well and hope to see him back in action soon!

The following is a break down of the top 5 players from

  Player Club Games Played Shots on Goal Shots on per game
1st Wayne Hennessey Wolverhampton Wanderers 34 246 7.24
2nd Jussi Jaaskelainen Bolton Wanderers 18 111 6.17
3rd Adam Bogdan Bolton Wanderers 20 122 6.10
4th John Ruddy Norwich City 37 216 5.84
5th Ali Al Habsi Wigan Athletic 38 200 5.26

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