A New Season Brings New Challenges…

The new season kicked off at my Goalkeeper daughter’s u16 girls football team and as you’d expect with little match practice the start was slow… With a goal conceded just minutes into the match… She knew she should have done better. But after a poor start, she jumped fully into action, producing save after save, sometimes 2 or 3 saves in quick succession. So many saves as she had so many shots on goal… I felt quite sorry for her on the one hand, but immensely proud on the other.

With so many shots on goal could then suggest either that our team was poor or that the opposition team was just out of this world…

No disrespect to their opponents, they were good but not that good and even their manager commented that he hoped this game didn’t lull them into a false sense of security, as their next match will be tougher…

This would suggest that there were problems with our team, however every one of them gave their all, so it was not an issue with the team members. The problem was simple we had only 7 of the 9 players needed for the match, with at one point, through injury only 6 players.

For this is the problem as kids get older, players either move on (we lost one to a Premiership Academy!) or their interests change or they get disillusion. Disillusionment is not the case… Well not yet anyway…

In this game even though after the first goal conceded, my daughter played outstandingly well, with parents and players applauding her, with so many shots on goal it was difficult to keep the score line so low… They lost 12-0 😦

It was clear to see through the match that the talent was there, they were just 2-3 bodies light, in the build up or defensive play… They were over-run and then ultimately exhausted come the final whistle.

My hope now is that we get more players in, as similar future score lines are going to hit them massively psychologically… This bunch of players do not deserve this… Even though it does mean my Goalkeeper daughter does get a lot of practice!


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