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Luke Shearing – All Goalkeepers Are Crazy

Apparently one of our new Goalkeeper Coaches, Luke Shearing, thinks that All Goalkeeper’s are Crazy… And he coaches them.

Yes we are a mad lot, I mean who’d stand in a small area and allow people to fire footballs at you and who most often get’s the blame if a goal is conceeded… 

But Luke is not mad or crazy. This is just the name of his new blog site. Which he details what he has been doing in his weeks of coaching at the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy. Which by reading through his blog sees that he is enjoying himself and learning… which more importantly means that he is becoming a real asset to the Academy and the Goalkeepers as he continues to develop along with our Goalkeepers.

Go check his blog site out:

Watching and learning from other Goalkeeper coaches to aid my development

After 6 weeks as the lead coach for two different groups of Goalkeepers, it was time for me to be the helper and work with another coach to further my development…

What an experience though for my development, as I was put with not just one coach, but two, from the Aston Villa and Leicester City Goalkeeper Academies… Two of the best.

My biggest strength is that I am great at working with the young and least experienced Goalkeepers. Working on the basics and fine tuning their basic skills to take them to the next level.

Over time, I too have developed, and I can now create sessions at a higher level, although due to lack of experience there is only so much I can do. And at the highest level, even though I could probably produce a good practice session, I would tend to struggle for a second session or if it was deduced that they needed pushing further…

I watched exercises similar to those that I am now doing but at a higher level, from warm up, technique honing and then to simulated game exercises… Absolutely brilliant to be involved with!

That is why working at the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy is not just great for aspiring Goalkeepers, but also aspiring Goalkeeper coaches. Working with other more experienced coaches has helped me see and learn how they work with student keepers, keeping them engaged, pushing their learning/understanding and improving them.

I have a few more weeks with these coaches, so I am looking forward to learning more and then I shall look forward to leading again with a new understanding and start putting what I have learnt into practice with other student Goalkeepers to develop them even further… As to me there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a player develop through your teachings as coach! 😉

Great potential as a Goalkeeper but wants to be a Gymnast!

My eldest daughter from and early age has always had an interest in football, which she has now been playing for the last 6 years. She started out as a pacey right midfielder, with an ability to put in decent crosses to her team. However, as the newest member of the team and due to needing to rest regularly because of bring so pacey, she only ever part of the matches. So when the teams Goalkeeper left, she we regularly agree to help out in Goal… and she did well… So well that eventually she now plays there full-time.

So, to support my daughter, I took her to various Goalkeeper training centres to help her improve… which she did. It also got me involved more and after earning my Goalkeeper coaching badge, got involved at the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy to not only develop student Goalkeepers (including my daughter), but also to work with other, more experienced coaches to develop me as a coach. Helping me become a better coach, who can provide real benefit to aspiring Goalkeepers of all ages.

I have definitely improved as a coach and am starting to see the benefits or indeed hear about them from their club managers/coaches. This has given me an immense sense of achievement and confidence boost. However I am not getting carried away, as I know I have more to do… More to develop.

One Goalkeeper at the Academy we have all helped develop is my youngest daughter. She only originally went as she wanted to join in and have fun. Besides if she didn’t want to go I would have probably been stood on the sidelines with her watching my eldest be trained by the other coaches. So, with her also involved, means I can too and use my badge her, not just at my eldest’s football club…

When my youngest daughter started she would often need a lot of 1 to 1 coaching time as she had no experience and needed much help on the basic technique (as we do with all Goalkeepers who need help on the basics). However, last week she really impressed the Lead coaches at the Academy, who decided she was now ready to be pushed further, putting her into a more experienced group… A group that this week she again impressed in, with some seeing massive potential in her.

As I said, my youngest is there for fun, she is a complete opposite of my eldest daughter, preferring to dress in the frilly girly stuff, rather than like my eldest, in sporty gear… So with her impressing regularly now, when asked if she wanted me to find her a club and become a Goalkeeper full-time, she responded “no, I want to be a Gymnast”. Which our Senior Goalkeeper responded with “you shouldn’t, as you were fantastic tonight… You’d make a fantastic Goalkeeper”. Which was great praise, as this coach has worked at the highest levels in football!

I was immensely proud of how she has developed and of the praise she is now getting. Yes, I could be frustrated that even though she has bags of potential, she decides against taking up Goalkeeping full-time. However, that is her choice and like my eldest I would never push them, as they do need to find their own way… Besides the main thing is, that she’s having fun! While she is happy (at the Academy), so am I, not only because she’s my daughter, but also as it means I can get on and coach there! It’s a win-win… You never know one day she may change her mind! 😉

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