New Gloves, New Year… 1 Win, 1 Clean Sheet

Well what a start to a season and end to a year that was, with no wins for my daughter’s team. With results at the start in double figures to nil, to seeing things change towards the end of the year. There seemed to be a wind of change…

This change in fortune was down to 3 things: The players understanding their positions and their impact on the game; leading to them improving and believing in themselves; and from the opposition finally agreeing to field the same number of players as our team, rather than steam rollering us with their usual 2 extra players (as we are still short on players). This last point is crucial, as before with these extra players and often with subs meant that our players would get both over-run and exhausted. Often they would put in an immense performance first half and then (as we would observe) in the second half run out of steam, which meant that the pitch would then open up to the opposition and my daughter would be very busy in goal. It did give her lots of practice and drew a mixture of praise and sympathy from the parents on the sidelines.

All the players wanted was 1 win this season and in addition my daughter wanted a new set of Goalkeeper gloves. Well they must have been exceedingly good girls, as that all round great guy, Santa must have listened to them… as not only did my daughter get her new gloves, but the players finally got the win they have deserved (against a team with just 1 extra player), in their first game of 2013!

My Goalkeeper daughter in action for her grassroots football team

My daughter’s new gloves worked a treat and she seemed to be catching the ball as if she had glue on them. Previously she would prefer to parry and punch, but this time she went to catch all that was shot at her! Her performance was superb, as was the team’s, winning 1-0!  They were so elated after the match, you would think they had won the league. What a great boost to their confidence. We had been telling them for ages that they were good players, that their performance in each of their last matches was better than the scoreline suggested. I do hope they now belive us!

On the goalkeeping front (yes I hadn’t forgotten, that this is a Goalkeeping blog 😉 ), only a couple of minor goalkeeping errors in this match, relating to being distracted and not being alert to the situation, but only 2, after all Goalkeepers make the odd error… and besides with her performance, handling, diving, positioning, movement, goal kicks, etc, these are 2 minor issues we can easily overlook.

What a great start to 2013, long may it continue. I am hopeful of more great results, so let’s hope we can now build on this and keep improving. Even if we don’t win again, at least we have won 1. Then again at grassroots level we are about development, so if they put in a worthy performance and improve (outfield and goalkeeper), but don’t win, in my eye’s that is a far better result. 😉


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