Worcester Goalkeeper Academy Coach Profile: Luke Shearing

As the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy starts back on Friday, I thought it about time to highlight some more of their many Goalkeeper coaches… We start with one of their newer coaches, who is developing into a fine coach (as the Academy is not just about developing players, but coaches too).

Luke Shearing, Goalkeeper Coach  at the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy.

Luke Shearing, Goalkeeper Coach at the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy


Has played as a goalkeeper for 14 years and so have experienced both the good and bad side to coaching.

Played in goal for a team in the top division of Under 18’s Football in Bristol.

Level 2 Sports Leader gives the qualities needed to coach a wide range of activities to all ages.

Started coaching whilst at Secondary school as he wanted to help the next generation of athletes progress to the next level.

Currently undertaking my FA Level 2 football coaching course to advance his knowledge of the game.

Currently in the first year of a Physical Education and Sports Coaching Science degree at the Worcester University.

Luke Shearing, Goalkeeper Coach at the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy in action for his local team


To coach Goalkeepers in an enjoyable learning environment, where the Goalkeepers can advance their knowledge and skills within the art of Goalkeeping.

“My aim is to progress the Goalkeepers ability at the academy as well as to advance my skills as a coach so I can become a better coach in the future.”


Luke also writes his own blog detailing his coaching experiences at the Academy. Go check it out at http://allgoalkeepersarecrazy.blogspot.co.uk/



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