Coaching: Distribution – Over Arm Throw

Part 3 – Over Arm Throw

So we previously looked at the two most commonly used distribution techniques which are based around kicking (Dead ball kicking and Kicking from hands However for distribution over shorter distances than with kicking a Goalkeeper may sometimes need to thorw the ball.

There are various types of technique to throw out the ball, each used to throw out to varying distances, such as the Javelin throw and the discuss throw. Although for young student keepers these can be hard to master and may be something to progress to in the future. For this blog though and for our young keepers we shall look at the easier technique, the Over Arm Throw.

So what is the right technique:

Figure 1 : Basic Technique

Again the basic technique is as easy as 1-2-3, that like Dead Ball Kicking or Kicking from Hands it is all in one smooth movement. Notice though from Figure 1 that it’s the arms doing all the work. However to ensure that throws are straighter, the arm throwing the ball will be the opposite arm to the leg placed forward (i.e. Right Arm Throw, Left leg forward). This is an easier technique though to master than kicking.

The steps then are as follows:

  • Figure 1 – Step 1 : The throwing arm will hold the ball behind their body, whilst the non-throwing arm points at the target (get them to point at where they need to throw);
  • Figure 1 – Step 2 : Not moving the non-throwing arm, move the throwing arm up and over the head;
  • Figure 1 – Step 3 : Again not moving the non-throwing arm, when the throwing arm moves through to the highest point release the ball from the hand. However even though ball is now released still continue moving the arm through the motion to also then point with this arm/finger at your target (pointing is only really for guidance when they are learning but still may be encouraged if a more experienced keeper is having trouble and needs to re-focus).

That is it – very simple. Although to progress things there are some useful exercises that can be used:

  • Again like previously mentioned in the previous two distribution posts, use the ‘Cross-Bar Challenge’, to encourage height, distance and accuracy – Challenging them to throw and hit the cross-bar from varying (appropriate) distances (penalty spot, 18 yard box, half way line); and
  • May be add targets to the cross-bar to hit; or
  • Put balls mounted on cones out at appropriate distances, so you can then encourage variety in the throwing. That instead of throwing at the highest point the release now needs to be later to be able to throw out lower (i.e in a match to throw out to your players feet rather than to throw over the top); or
  • Again for that game scenario (and to encourage accuracy) get them to throw out to a target area – Setting out a box with marker cones on different parts of the field at appropriate distances. Having a coach/keeper/player in that box to collect the ball with hands/feet. If using another keeper they could work together throwing the ball to each other in boxes/target areas whilst you as a coach look on/or assist; and
  • Mix it up a bit, so they throw short and long, left and right… creating some movement from the keeper, maybe have more than one option for them on different parts of the field. Getting them to look for who to throw to before they throw out the ball or even get some communication going between Goalkeeper and outfield.

This is an easier distribution method than kicking, however it will still need some practice for effective throwing technique and accuracy.

Giving your young Goalkeepers training on different distribution techniques though, will give them more options to deliver a ball. You are also starting to introduce them to decision-making (Psychological), where sometimes they can decide that they may need a different technique to get the ball to their player… by throwing out the ball rather than to kick all the time, especially if the ball doesn’t need to go as far.

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