Football Awards – fingers crossed

Well after a long hard season it is awards night.

I have my fingers crossed tonight for my daughter. She has played tremendously well for her football team this season with many of the opposing managers praising her efforts…

She has been up against a lot of shots, which has only seen her grow and develop as a Goalkeeper. If she does win then it will be well deserved and if not I understand, as for me the whole team deserve an award for all their effort in the face of adversity – that is having a lack of players and playing against teams (or rather managers!!) who are happy to take advantage of this fact, for the win (not really looking at player development) – soap box moment over… Here’s to the team and here’s hoping for my daughter… Fingers crossed 😉


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  1. Fingers Crossed here too!! She deserves an award for her determination and commitment to her goalkeeping.

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