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Like father like daughter

As discussed in a previous blog by Hannah Cresswell in which she explained her frustration of the limited opportunities there are for females in sport, we see a lack of options for my daughter in continuing her playing career as a Goalkeeper (albeit the local FA are trying to promote and build more interest). She has had offers to play for ladies teams now that her current team have folded. Alas though she is too young yet to play for a ladies team. That said though she is staying determined and now trains with them until she is old enough to play.

In the meantime though and thanks to the requirement of her Duke of Edinburgh award, she has decided to volunteer as a football coach helping WCT Raiders, Worcester. This club are interested (like the local FA) in promoting football in the area. What’s more they now have a girls football academy to promote girls football too! So to have my daughter as coach will give the girls someone to relate to.

Developing new footballing talent

She is already settling in well and seems to have really taken to coaching. Like her dad she likes to help the youngest develop, helping develop some of their basic skills, with some really good coaches around her. This doesn’t include me as I made the conscious decision to stay on the sidelines and leave her to coach… After all she doesn’t need her dad interfering with her coaching… don’t want to cramp her style 😉

Who knows it may be something she continues, it could even help make her be a more rounded player too, understanding the coaching side. Whatever her future holds she still makes me proud 😉

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