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Grassroots or Semi-Professional: Development vs Must-Win

It was previously commented to me, “I am the manager, it is my job to pick the best team to win matches” and “I am under pressure from the parents to pick their kids”. This was a manager in turmoil, as he had pressures on their shoulders from both sides. Even though in the early days every kid got a chance, which satisfied the latter statement, when the team improved and there was a good opportunity to win the league, it was winning that counted. This meant that the ‘best’ team was now being picked and those not seen as the ‘best’ ended up getting cold or bored on the sidelines.

This was at grassroots level, not semi-professional level and is I’m afraid happening a lot, especially when there is such an opportunity to win a title. Maybe the attitude changed as they wanted all the team to win a medal to get the recognition they deserve… Should this mean though that we forget about the real reward of developing all kids? So should all kids and managers who develop get the rewards anyway without winning titles?

The following link, is to a blog post written by Scott Hoather that discussed this issue well. A thoroughly good, thought provoking read that deserves a wider audience:

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