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RIP Bernard Day – My Goalkeeper Coaching inspiration

I have just found out, rather late I know, that my Goalkeeper coaching friend has passed away. I am deeply upset at this news and even though it got to me late it still had that hard hitting effect on me. Because, he was such a great man, someone who taught me so much as a coach, someone who taught my daughter to be a better player and person, and someone who had such a profound effect on everyone he met or worked with.

His love was football and he had a love for developing footballers – the right way. Such was his passion, he helped out at so many places developing so many players… and even though it was a long drive away and as we are a not for profit academy could not pay him much, he still came to the Goalkeeper Academy as he loved helping all our kids and our coaches.

I recently recalled a few of his jokes and even remember the stories he told me on a recent trip to Liverpool. He had such a great humour, you couldn’t help but love the man.

He was an inspiration to so many. Footballers, Goalkeepers, Coaches… Me… Everyone learnt so much from him. We have lost not only a great mentor but a very dear friend.

Bernard Day former coach at the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy, my friend, rest in peace x

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