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Ho ho ho Christmas fun at the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy

Our last session of 2014 before the festive break, saw lots of fun and games. Games that had our keepers and coaches smiling, but always with an emphasis on Goalkeeping.

After the initial warm up, we had a relay race of two teams competing against each other doing SAQ (Speed-Agility-Quickness) exercises. We did this 4 times before finding an eventual winner.

We followed this with a couple of team games, that paid homage to our former goalkeeper coach, Bernard Day, where the team in the lead would wear the Santa hats. With the other team desperate to score a goal to get the hats off the opposition. Always fun… Bernie would have been proud 😉

Apart from a good game of goalie wars, we also did last keeper standing, seeing our keepers pull out some ‘camera saves’. So good that this session went on for quite a while until we had an eventual winner… Well done Luke Deakin!

Then it was over to the coaches to save shots from the keepers… Some really great shots too. The eventual winner was another Luke… Well done Luke Shearing!

We also gave a prize for the best hat. Julia couldn’t resist giving it to Mr elf ears himself… No not Luke… Jack Sankey.

All did well and all went a way with a well deserved present from the Academy. We wish them all and all our blog readers a very Happy Christmas!

The Worcester Goalkeeper Academy starts back 6th February 2015. Come along to improve your skills as a Goalkeeper… And also we train Goalkeeper Coaches too! See you in the new year 😉

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