The difference in Keeper training – part 4

I recently got involved in a discussion with Twitter follower, @GKTed, with regards to this England Keepers training video on reaction saves:

This shows a great exercise with handling, going into low diving saves one after the other. However again, if we are to use this video to inspire us to coach keepers, we need to ensure the exercise is right for their age and ability. 

Unfortunately at times this video shows the keepers diving, landing with their elbows under their body, which is something at the Academy, we (and Bernie also used to) watch out for, to correct, as keepers landing like this could lead to broken ribs… Which I have seen happen.

As pointed out by @GKTed, these are keepers at the peak of their fitness and with their agility, such injuries would be less. Furthermore, in such circumstances of multiple reactions, you could end up with situations like this, however we must remember to coach the younger keepers always with the best technique in mind, so that they do protect themselves from injury. Better fitness and agility to cope with issues from faster reactions will come with time.


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