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For footballs sake, please can footballing academies give kids a chance?

Again, I find out that yet another young prospect has been released by a football academy, as they do not fit their ‘perfect’ criteria… I am not talking goalkeeping ability or skill, as this keeper has so much potential… Again it was because they were not tall enough! 

Now you may have views that a goalkeeper is better taller as they fill the goal more, especially with the dimensions of an adult goal. However let’s not forget that there have been some exceptional goalkeepers of varying heights.  Besides if you are not the tallest then you work on your agility to get to those higher balls… Similarly taller goalkeepers may tend to work on their agility to dive for lower balls.

My biggest gripe on this, though, is that this keeper is not an adult and is only a junior with another 8 or so years to develop! Are academies really that narrow minded to not see the potential of the keeper?

I have heard many stories where academies have their mould for the perfect footballer. With then finding that they ripped this mould apart when an exceptional talent comes on the scene that goes completely against there ‘perfect’ ethos. If they hadn’t of done, would we have seen the likes of Messi?

This is actually completely against what the FA are trying to promote. As there should be equal opportunities for all. This is something we follow at the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy. My biggest hope, is that these other academies follow this model. After all:

  • What if a player then fulfills this potential, do you think they would ever consider signing for this club in the future? 
  • Perhaps, being treated this way, could this football talent, be walking away from competitive football for good, with football losing a future star player? 

Fortunately the keeper I mentioned, is still working with us, so the latter question is being taken care of. However this is not always the case. So I send this heart felt message to all football academies: For footballs sake, please can you give kids a chance?

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