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Goalkeeper Warm Up

As part of of session plans, we always ensure that every week at the Academy we have a proper warm up session. However, we find that dynamic stretching exercises seem to work better (particularly with the young keepers) than the static exercises. With this in mind I started looking for inspiration on how we could vary this warm up for different weeks. Then I found this video clip, which helped me design a warm up exercise, in line with the theme for the night, ‘types of catches – back to basics’.

Have a watch and see what exercises you could dream up.

Goalkeeper scores from a dead ball kick…

It’s was quite amazing to see the Alan Marriott goal, because how often does a Goalkeeper score from that distance.

It just goes to show that effective goal kicks need: power, height, distance and of course a little bit of luck!

Let’s not forget the last time we saw such an amazing Goalkeeper goal, this time not from hands, but from the floor. A goal by England keeper, Paul Robinson. He’s still a class act, helping Blackburn Rovers to keep the score line against them down. Let’s just relive that moment – pure class:

Goalkeeper scores from a volley kick…

Check out this YouTube footage of Goalkeeper Alan Marriott of Mansfield Town scoring a goal from kicking out of hands…brilliant:

The futures bright: England U21 Goalkeepers – Merry Christmas

As per my previous posts on England’s future ( and in the Goalkeeping department, the future does look bright, especially at Christmas time, with this short video from the FA showing the U21 Goalkeepers in action.

Merry Christmas followers! 😉

Is the future of Goalkeeping going down the pan?

We have seen some strange and wonderful goalkeeping in our time, from the wobbly legs of Bruce Grobbelaar to the scorpion kick of Rene Higuita, but when it comes to strange, there is nothing stranger than putting a toilet in the goal… and then watch as it produces saves effortlessly… Forget goal-line technology, is toilet technology the future? 😉

Check this out and decide for yourself:

Player Development (continued) – The FA Respect campaign

Further to my previous post: ranting at your team when developing Kids is not a good thing…. Anyone would think you were watching a top-level match, where you had paid good money to watch to watch player being paid a lot of money to perform… But you are not, you are watching kids, who want to learn to play football and above all else have fun. Give them a chance…

Soapbox now stepped off… I will pass the baton to  Ray Winstone to demonstrates the point in this FA Respect video…

Who is better David De Gea or Worciech Szczesny?

Who is better David De Gea or Wojciech Szczesny? Have a look at this video and let me know:

  • Who you think is the better keeper;
  • What do each of them do well; and
  • What they need to improve on?

Goalkeeper Vision – spotting an opportunity

The following video was posted this week, and shows just how essential having good vision is to a goalkeeper. Not only does this Goalkeeper make the save, but also sees that the opposite Goalkeeper is way out of position and therefore starts an impressive counter attack, leading to a goal. This video is awesome – enjoy:

Goalkeeper training with Leicester City

To follow-up on the post on Kasper Schmeichel, check out this YouTube footage of Kasper and the other Leicester City Goalkeepers in training. I found this useful in planning some of my future sessions. However I am not sure about the stance in the set position…bit wide. That is definitely something I would look to improve on:

Goalkeeper Positioning

Further to the previous post, Goalkeeper positioning can be viewed together with some helpful advice and tips in the following YouTube video clips:


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