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Final call to vote in the Goalkeeper Development Poll

The Goalkeeper Development Poll is still open.

After a number of votes already cast Psychology and Technique are the early leaders… Is this what you think is important in developing goalkeepers? What about their Social and Physical Development too? Or if you are stuck on which you think is more important and that it is all 4, then how much time must we as coaches focus on each?

Let me know what you think and if you wish to write an article for the blog on any of these aspects and how you coach for them, please add a comment and your email address.

Thank you

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Goalkeeper Development Poll

A number of blog posts on this blog and the coaching techniques used at the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy, focus on Goalkeeper Development, however even though all four of the ‘FA four corner model’ development types are coached on, I have never really asked the question to my followers of what they think. All types are important in their own way, but there must be one that my followers think is more prominent, the one that perhaps us coaches should focus more on…. So what do you think, time for a poll:

Of which of the following Goalkeeper Development types do you think is the most important in developing Goalkeepers?

If possible please can you leave your comments as to why.

If you need further information on each of these types please refer to previous posts:

Thank you

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And now for something completely different

No nothing to do with Monty Python… But the last 2 weeks at the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy.

Week 14 was all about movement, with Terry Hughes ( No Goalkeeper diving drills this week, just lots of fun exercises, to get the Goalkeepers think about how they can move more efficiently as a Goalkeeper, so that they may quickly react and get to a ball quicker. With athletic exercises that really made you work, working muscles you didn’t know you had. One parent commented that night that it didn’t look like we did that much and then the following week fedbackĀ to me that his lad knew he had hadĀ a good work out the night before, as his muscles wereĀ aching the next day! It just goes to show that normally, our goalkeeper exercises promote development of technique and the exercise we do, even though exerting, may only exercise a proportion of the muscles of the human body. Even through fitness workouts and SAQ, we may not cover all. So this week’s exercise was a real eye-opener of other exercises that we can incorporate, to promote further development of our Goalkeepers, allowing us Coaches to harness new techniques to give the Goalkeepers that added advantage, promoting better agility, speed and movement. Making Goalkeepers better athletes.Ā 

Terry Hughes, Sport Dancer provides a fun workout, promoting movement, balance, coordination and athletic exercise to the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy Goalkeepers

So after a week of exercise, it was time in Week 15 for a bit of fun, led by our Senior Goalkeeper Coach, Bernard Day. This week had a Christmas theme and although it seemed to the Goalkeeper as a bit of fun and games it actually promoted good technique, with games to promote handling and diving at feet. Oh yes and with matches with team in the lead wearing the Santa hats… The lead changed so many times, so the opposing teams had many occasions to keep pinching the hats of the opposition… Much to the delight of my two girls,Ā who made sure that they pinched the hat of their Sister at the earliest opportunityĀ – sibling rivalry at it’s best.

So 2 weeks of fun… but in essence 2 weeks we still found ways to develop the Goalkeepers further. Let’s face it, it is far easier to learn something if you are having fun and of course itĀ puts a smile on not only the Goalkeeper’s faces, but us Coaches too! No Bah Humbugs here! šŸ˜‰

The Worcester Goalkeeper Academy has kicked off the new season in style

Since the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy started back in September, we have seen an upsurge in attendance. Not only with a big influx of new Goalkeepers but also new coaches.

The reputationĀ of the Academy is starting to spread… It is a reputation built on quality, that we are there to develop all aspects of the Goalkeeper, preparing them for their club football matches, technically, physically, socially and psychologically.

Don’t just take our word for it, we have had Managers and Parents feedback to us on how much they have seen their Goalkeeper improve, with one recently picking up the Player of the Match award!


But it isn’t just the Goalkeepers that we are attracting, as this season sees 5 new coaches in the academy. This means that we can provide much more focussed time with our Goalkeepers, with many of them benefitting from 1 to 1 and 1 to 2 coaching sessions, meaning that they get even more training timeĀ to develop their skills.

If you are a Goalkeeper looking to develop your skills in a focussed environment or a Coach looking to develop Goalkeepers (must have as a minimum: CRB, Safeguarding and First Aid), please contact us via:

Continual Development of Goalkeepers: Plan-Do-Check-Act

The Continual Development of Goalkeepers, is a process that follows the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle of an ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System.


Everything the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy does is planned. This includes the running of the Academy and the weekly Session Plans for the Development of key skills.


Developing Goalkeepers Technical, Physical, Psychological and Social Skills through theory and practical coaching sessions.


Continual assessment of the Academy, the Goalkeepers and the Coaches to ensure that areas of improvement can be identified. Other data for improvement includes feedback gained from Keepers, Parents, and Coaches.


If areas of improvement are identified through assessment and/or feedback it is acted upon to ensure that the Academy continues to Develop in all areas.

This PDCA cycle is continuous and ensures that development is constantly occurring. That it is at the forefront of everything we do… To continually improve and develop Goalkeepers and Goalkeeping standards!

Development of Goalkeepers and Coaching Styles, by Andy Morgan

In addition to giving an overview of experience and his own philosophy, Andy Morgan of the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy, provided further information on his views on development and coaching stylesā€¦


Personally I promote Technical, Social and Physical Development, as theyĀ come asĀ one big package:

  • Technically I want to help the goalkeepers to be the best technically they can be and usually that means using the ā€˜textbookā€™ way to save the ball, however if the goalkeeper has an unorthodox technique but is an effective goalkeeper, then Iā€™m happy!
  • Socially I want them to be confident in their surrounding and be able to communicate well with us, the coaches and the other Goalkeepers. This is because this will transfer across to their own game days in which they will be required to communicate with their team.
  • Psychologically, such as encouraging Confidence, whereĀ a confident Goalkeeper will put confidence in your defence. That confidence in your defence, will lead toĀ confidence in your midfield, and before you know it the whole team is feeling confident which can only be seen as a positive.
  • Physically, that at present you hear all the time about David De GeaĀ and how heā€™s too weak for the ā€˜English gameā€™. This just shows how physical our football is compared to other nationalities and relates to the importance of our Goalkeepers physical development.Ā 

From the time the goalkeepers first attend the Academy to when they decide to leave; I hope they have improved in all of these areas.

Best Coaching styles?

With regards to developing goalkeepers andĀ coaching style, there are so many different styles in which to coach and it all comes down to the type of goalkeepers you have at your disposal, depending on their age, ability and maturity, howeverĀ I always look to see what ideas the goalkeepers have to develop their own learning and look to prevent me telling them what to do all the time. All styles have their purpose though so I feel deciding if it can be done better is a difficult question to answer.

Continual Development of Goalkeepers: Physical Development

Physical Development is not just about Fitness as it also incorporates the other Physical needs of a Goalkeeper to prepare them physically for a game including:

  • Reactions;
  • Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ or ā€˜Fast-Feetā€™);
  • Movement;
  • Balance; and
  • Stamina.

Physical Development can be Assessed in stand alone exercises or whilst performing Technical practical sessions and assessments (as previously discussed in this blog).

However Physical Development must also include those important areas sometimes overlooked or neglected:

  • Warm up and Cool Down; and
  • Health and Well-Being (including prevention and treatment of injuries).

Assessing a better future

The Worcester Goalkeeper Academy kicked off again on Friday and after months of planning week 1 was a resounding success.

We realise that to develop a player, in line with qualitative continual improvement goals, we first need to understand what the players current ability is and then reassess in the future weeks to see if improvements are achieved.

Keepers were therefore split into groups and assessed in different categories, to test their current abilities in line with the FA four corner model, testing each keeper for technical, psychological, physical and social ability.

The data collected is currently being collated by our performance coach, but on quick glance it could be seen that this was indeed a useful exercise. We now have a starting point for every player and will now look to improve them through specific coaching plans over the coming weeks.

We shall be using our performance coaches from next week to continually monitor performance of both player and coach to assist them in our pursuit of this continued development.

And with our expanding team of highly experienced coaches and the resources we have available to develop all aspects, we are confident of improvements. I shall let you know how we get on…

The Continued Development of the Academy

After months of planning, the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy is ready for it’s next phase of development.

The coaches at the Academy have been buzzing knowing that what we have been steadily building over the years, is starting to take shape into somewhat of a centre of excellence for Goalkeepers. A place that is rightfully starting to get the recognition it finally deserves.

With new coaches on board we have extended our skill set further, with the ability to provide the specialist coaching the ‘FA Four-Corner Model’ requires. They along with myself shall be adding future posts on some of these specific coaching areas, as well as their own experiences in guest blogs.

I look forward to posting you updates on how we get along in the coming months… Watch this space!

Please feel free to browse the Academy’s new website:

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