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Development of Goalkeepers and Coaching Styles, by Andy Morgan

In addition to giving an overview of experience and his own philosophy, Andy Morgan of the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy, provided further information on his views on development and coaching styles…


Personally I promote Technical, Social and Physical Development, as they come as one big package:

  • Technically I want to help the goalkeepers to be the best technically they can be and usually that means using the ‘textbook’ way to save the ball, however if the goalkeeper has an unorthodox technique but is an effective goalkeeper, then I’m happy!
  • Socially I want them to be confident in their surrounding and be able to communicate well with us, the coaches and the other Goalkeepers. This is because this will transfer across to their own game days in which they will be required to communicate with their team.
  • Psychologically, such as encouraging Confidence, where a confident Goalkeeper will put confidence in your defence. That confidence in your defence, will lead to confidence in your midfield, and before you know it the whole team is feeling confident which can only be seen as a positive.
  • Physically, that at present you hear all the time about David De Gea and how he’s too weak for the ‘English game’. This just shows how physical our football is compared to other nationalities and relates to the importance of our Goalkeepers physical development. 

From the time the goalkeepers first attend the Academy to when they decide to leave; I hope they have improved in all of these areas.

Best Coaching styles?

With regards to developing goalkeepers and coaching style, there are so many different styles in which to coach and it all comes down to the type of goalkeepers you have at your disposal, depending on their age, ability and maturity, however I always look to see what ideas the goalkeepers have to develop their own learning and look to prevent me telling them what to do all the time. All styles have their purpose though so I feel deciding if it can be done better is a difficult question to answer.


Worcester Goalkeeper Academy Coach Profile: Andy Morgan

Andy Morgan, Senior Goalkeeper Coach at the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy.


Qualified as a Level 2 Football and Goalkeeping coach, with FA youth Award and is currently working towards a (BSc) Degree in Sports Coaching Science and Physical Education.

Got into goalkeeping by accident. Started off as a left back/ left winger however during an u10s game he went in goal and never looked back. Having, 9 years of playing experience with Worcester City Youth, Cheltenham Town and Birmingham County u18s.

Started coaching at local football holiday camps, and has now been coaching for 4 years, within schools and for 18 months at the Academy.

Personal Development

Within Andy’s own personal development, he is always looking to better his coaching ability and reduce the amount of time in which he talks to allow the Goalkeepers to have more time developing their skills and enhancing their own ability to learn.


Performance analysis is important. How even the slightest movement, like squaring up the hips more or keeping the head still will improve the Goalkeeper’s performance. However, aside from that, it’s all about fun, making sure the Goalkeepers have a good time and want to come every week to learn something new and with that, leave every session feeling they’ve been successful.

Making sure the Goalkeepers are having fun tops the list for me! If the Goalkeepers are having fun they will keep coming back and will be eager to learn. Put them in a boring environment and you’ll never see them develop, as they won’t be interested, however the professionalism always needs to be present.

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