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Clean sheets aren’t the be all and end all – they are a bonus

My daughter’s team will have conceded 40+ goals this season in 16 games. However in no way does that mean that the team have been poor. What cannot be seen by a team’s goals conceded is the type of goals scored: Goals that even top-class professional Keepers struggle to keep out of the net; or Goals that come from an unlucky bounce, unforced errors and flukes. It also doesn’t take into account that the team did actually play really well all season, giving their maximum effort, but that the opposition may have actually played better.

In addition, after my previous posts, I hope now you will have seen that there is more to being a great Goalkeeper than keeping a clean sheet… That if you look at the statistics I posted of the Championship Goalkeepers, that keeping a clean sheet is just as hard for a professional Goalkeeper as it is for our student Goalkeepers.

Joe Hart shall pick up the Golden Glove award in the premiership for his 17 clean sheets, 2 more than the next best Goalkeeper. A talented goalkeeper for sure. He should also be in part thankful to his talented defence for this award, as he wasn’t necessarily the busiest keeper in the Premiership…(We shall review those stats very soon and like I did for the Championship Keepers, sing the praises of the other Premiership Keepers who also deserve recognition alongside England’s Number 1!)

Basically the point I am getting at for our young Goalkeepers and also to their respective teams is that Clean Sheets are difficult to obtain. So try not to put yourself under pressure, if you rarely keep a clean sheet. If you do it then that is a bonus. If however you are keeping clean sheets regularly, be thankful also of your team as they may too play a big part in your success.

But above all don’t worry about conceding goals – the main thing is to look at improving yourself (as a player and as a person) and more important than that, to have fun! 😉

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