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Worcester Goalkeeper Academy opens its doors to Senior Team Goalkeepers

We are  running some sessions now on the following evenings for Senior Team Goalkeepers:

  • 24th February 2017 
  • 10th March 2017 
  • 24th March 2017 
  • 28th April 2017 
  • 12th May 2017

It is a 1.5 hour session and start time will be 7:15 pm. Cost is £6 per session, payable on the night.

If you are interested please register with us or for further information please email:


So after a long break, the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy is back and raring to go!

Last year was incredibly successful, with 42 keepers coming through our doors and now 10 coaches on our books (including level 2 qualified / developing and a returning coach with a lot of football club and Academy experience)!

And we are back again, for more success I’m sure!

The Worcester Goalkeeper Academy is back on this Friday 27th January 2017 at 7:15pm, with a new programme of coaching identified for the coming 14 weeks of coaching (don’t forget the 2 week gap for Easter – all dates are on the website).

… And the coaches have all responded too, meaning I can confirm we have a large amount of coverage for every week – Your keepers will be in good hands!

See you Friday!

Congratulations to our coach…

I have just heard, that Worcester Goalkeeper Academy coach, Darren Mace, has just passed his FA Level 2 Goalkeeper Coaching course. Please join me in sending him massive congratulations!

Worcester Goalkeeper Academy reopens this Friday 2nd September 2016

Our goal is to develop Goalkeepers and Goalkeeping standards through specialist Goalkeeper coaching that is committed to the continual improvement of Goalkeeper specific skills and abilities, using a large pool of qualified coaches, resources, knowledge and experience.
It is the centre for the development of all keepers, of all ages and abilities, as it has a number of coaches available to develop any keeper. There are no restrictions, as all keepers who come to us have the ability to develop. Come and check us out…

The Worcester Goalkeeper Academy reopens it doors Friday 2nd September 2016.

We start now at 7:15pm to finish 8:45pm.

The below are the dates for your diary for all sessions this side of the New year:

  • Week 1 – 2nd September 2016
  • Week 2 – 9th September 2016
  • Week 3 – 16th September 2016
  • Week 4 – 23rd September 2016
  • Week 5 – 30th September 2016
  • Week 6 – 7th October 2016
  • Week 7 – 14th October 2016
  • Half Term
  • Week 8 – 4th November 2016
  • Week 9 – 11th November 2016
  • Week 10 – 18th November 2016
  • Week 11 – 25th November 2016
  • Week 12 – 2nd December 2016
  • Week 13 – 9th December 2016
  • Week 14 – 16th December 2016

As this is a not for profit Academy, we rely solely on funding. To assist with this funding, Goalkeepers shall be expected to pay for their coaching in the form of a membership fee:

  • £6.00 per session; or
  • Pay for a block of 7 sessions for £40.00; or
  • Pay for a block of all 14 sessions for £70.

To register your keeper with us or for further information please email

The Worcester Goalkeeper Academy goes from strength to strength. 

What a great night last Friday…

Since we achieved our accreditation with the FA, we have gone from strength to strength, not only attracting more keepers every week, but also more coaches too.

We had our awards after the final session of the season, with 21 of the keepers on our books now. They all received a medal for their efforts, with congratulations and applause for all from coaches, parents and the other keepers. 

Not forgetting those that were unable to attend, congratulations to those keepers too!

We had 4 additional awards, 2 each in the older and younger category. Congratulations to:

  • Jodie Whiteman – Star Keeper
  • William Hemming – Star Keeper
  • Callum Weaver – Most Improved
  • Olivia Rooke – Most Improved

    So that brings the Academy to a close this season, however we will reopen again on the 2nd September 2016!

    Although if you can’t wait that long…

    If you want some more goalkeeper training over the Summer, the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy coaches will be putting on Goalkeeper specific sessions that your keepers can attend at the WCT Raiders Football Academy on the 3G at the KGV (King George V Community Centre), Ash Avenue, Worcester WR4 9TL. The dates for these sessions will be:

    • 21st May 2016
    • 18th June 2016
    • 23rd July 2016
    • 20th August 2016

    The Football Academy there is on from 10:30 am to 11:30 am and they charge £2 for the hour. The keepers are welcome on other Saturdays if they want to come and get involved in the outfield training sessions too, it may help on other skills, as footwork and understanding the outfield play are also useful to a goalkeeper.

    So may be see you Saturday’s… Otherwise see you in September 😉

    Worcester Goalkeeper Academy receives Accreditation from the Worcestershire FA

    Recognition of our abilities was one of our key goals, so we are extremely proud to announce, that the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy has received Accreditation for its coaching from the Worcester FA.

    A massive thank you must go to all the coaches at the Academy and also those of the past, who have helped build it into a centre of excellence for Goalkeepers and Goalkeeper Coaches.

    To find out more about the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy, visit the web site.


    2015 Star Goalkeeper – Matthew Hatton

    Further to the previous post on 2015 Most Improved Goalkeeper, we also give an award for Star Goalkeeper. This award recognises the keeper at the Academy for:

    • Attendance
    • Attitude to coaching
    • Commitment and Application of what they have learnt
    • All round ability – including in FA development areas: Technical, Physical, Psychological and Social

    One keeper in particular has really impressed the coaches, with their whole attitude to Goalkeeping, someone who throws themselves into any training we give them, always with a smile. That keeper is Matthew.

    Even on Friday when playing a load of fun and games (as it was end of the term/season), Matthew still put into practice all he had been taught over the time he has been here. Going for every save, even when the balls were whipped in and speed… Some keepers, even seen at the highest level, just seem to stand there and watch, almost seeming to say “I’ll never get that”… Not Matthew, he still went for them, often getting a finger tip to the ball and sometimes just enough to send it away from goal or on to the post. With such a great attitude and commitment, you can see why he was our unanimous choice for this seasons award, for Star Goalkeeper. 

    Congratulations Matthew. Well deserved!


    2015 Most Improved Goalkeeper – Luke Deakin

    At the end of Friday night’s training we proudly presented all our keepers with a medal, as a thank you for attending the Academy and also as to them all in recognition of how much they have improved. One of these we felt deserved the year’s award for most improved…

    Luke has been with us for a long time now and in that time we have seen him develop his Goalkeeping skills. He is a perfectionist and he has strived this season and previous seasons to improve his game.

    Luke, like other keepers his age has had his knocks to his confidence, especially so when conceding in a match. However, I think he is starting to now understand, that it is a team game and keeping a clean sheet is not always down to him, it is also down to the team. Besides, with regards to the feedback from his matches, we understand that he is putting into practice what he has learnt, with some great plaudits for what he is doing… That is all we ask of our keepers; to put in the performance and not worry about the score. As for us, it is the performance that matters more at his age.  For that reason and the fact that all the coaches have seen how much he has developed and improved over the years, is why he was the unanimous choice for this award.

    Congratulations Luke Deakin. Well deserved! 

    Congratulation to Luke, our Most Improved Goalkeeper 2015 – photo copyright 2015 goalkeepingitreal

    Grassroots or Semi-Professional: Development vs Must-Win

    It was previously commented to me, “I am the manager, it is my job to pick the best team to win matches” and “I am under pressure from the parents to pick their kids”. This was a manager in turmoil, as he had pressures on their shoulders from both sides. Even though in the early days every kid got a chance, which satisfied the latter statement, when the team improved and there was a good opportunity to win the league, it was winning that counted. This meant that the ‘best’ team was now being picked and those not seen as the ‘best’ ended up getting cold or bored on the sidelines.

    This was at grassroots level, not semi-professional level and is I’m afraid happening a lot, especially when there is such an opportunity to win a title. Maybe the attitude changed as they wanted all the team to win a medal to get the recognition they deserve… Should this mean though that we forget about the real reward of developing all kids? So should all kids and managers who develop get the rewards anyway without winning titles?

    The following link, is to a blog post written by Scott Hoather that discussed this issue well. A thoroughly good, thought provoking read that deserves a wider audience:

    Great start to the new term at the Goalkeeper Academy

    The Worcester Goalkeeper Academy started back on the 4th October 2013, with returning keepers and coaches, along with some new faces… This included new keepers who had heard about our good reputation of developing Goalkeepers and keepers who had found us through the web as they were either frustrated by the lack of Goalkeeper coaching at their football clubs or that they were just eager to improve. We also had new coaches join us: Robbie, a student at the University of Worcester and experienced goalkeeper, who like our current and previous Uni students is interested to develop his coaching skills; and Hannah, who is a 16 year old Goalkeeper at the Academy, wanting to mix in some coaching as she not only wants to develop herself as a goalkeeper but also wants to develop the coaching side, as she now helps coach an under 10 football team.

    So Week 1 was all about basics… handling skills, with also ensuring good movement, positioning and safety…. We had lots of fun, with Julia providing an intense fitness session to those that wanted… And the other coaches providing lots of 1 to 1 coaching through dynamic and basic technique exercises… All then followed by lots of game play technique skills training… and of course a few fun and games along the way, including a little bit of competition thrown in to make for and enjoyable learning environment.

    Goalkeeper Coaching at the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy

    Last night (week2) was in a similar vain, with Julia again as she will for the term taking those for an intense fitness session. The topic this time was to build on week 1, now focussing on low diving saves. Again, we were looking at basic technique development, game play technique skills training and some agility training to start developing footwork…. Oh and of course lots of fun!

    The main thing is that we are seeing improvements every night, week to week, which is something we will be building on. However it is not just us that are seeing improvements…

    …2 weeks in and we have already had some great feedback from the parents, those commenting on the quality of the training and those who tell us that after week 1, (from our help) one of the Goalkeepers played so well in goal that his performance was praised by the team and what’s more, whereas in the previous week the team had lost to local rivals, when they met them again in the cup they won 2-0, with the Goalkeeper to thank for the save after save he produced… Great feedback indeed, as it is always good to find out that our training has provided positive improvements, recognised by their parents and football teams…

    A great start then… Definitely something to build on 😉

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