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Worcester Goalkeeper Academy Coach Profile: Jon Barrington

Jon Barrington, Goalkeeper Coach at the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy, with the main responsibility for Psychology and Performance Analysis.


Qualified to Level 1 Football coach and in the final year of a degree in Sports Psychology.

Has run Goalkeeping sessions for the Kidderminster Harriers community scheme.

Provided cover for Julia West at the Kidderminster harriers Girls Centre of Excellence Goalkeeping sessions.

Fortunate enough to be coached by great coaches including Bernard Day and Peter Bonnetti and wants to pass on the experience to the next generation of Goalkeepers.


Being tall, agile and having good hands and feet may provide the basic foundations of a good Goalkeeper. But, hard work, enthusiasm and commitment makes a great goalkeeper.


Guest Blog Article by Jon Barrington: Why is the unknown of goalkeeping, the dark side?

Adding to posts already provided about Psychology this week Jon Barrington, a Goalkeeper Coach at the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy specialising in Psychology and Performance Analysis, provides his view on the subject…

Embrace… Experience and Gain the Edge

Ask yourself the question, why is it that the majority of the Goalkeeper training provided at youth level consists of either none or very little sport psychology? Could this be because of a lack of knowledge? A lack of interest? Or a lack of respect for it as a sub-discipline? Without it where is the opportunity for the goalkeeper to develop to their potential?

As a third year Sport and Exercise Psychology student the unknown of this topic and its lack of application in the majority of youth football is frustrating, as I have seen it working and improving Goalkeepers, first-hand at the Academy.

The unknown should not be kept at arms’ length and ignored but embraced and experienced in a manner which will facilitate the Goalkeepers’ development to the next level above their peers.

Whether you are a Goalkeeper or a parent reading this blog, my advice to you would be embrace and experience the benefits of Sport Psychology and let the Goalkeepers GAIN THE EDGE!!!

Thank you Jon.

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