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There are two new Goalkeepers in the Premier League

With the Championship season drawing to a close, with just the play-off winner to resolve. Two teams are already promoted with Goalkeepers I was blogging about 2 years ago.

I blogged because I saw great potential in both of them after watching them in a number of games:

Kasper Schmeichel – living in the shadow of his dad, someone who had been trying to emulate his dad. However, Kasper is now finding his own style and it has not gone un-noticed by clubs in the Premiership. Check out my previous article:

Tom Heaton – 2 years after moving from Cardiff, where chances were limited because the impressive David Marshall was in goal (still as impressive this season with his shots to save ratio, even though Cardiff swap with Burnley into the Championship…). Now Tom Heaton has shown why he was in the England U21 set up. It is good to see another English keeper given a chance to shine in the top division. Check out my previous articles:

Here is to next season and seeing how these Goalkeepers develop further 😉

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