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Continual Development of Goalkeepers: Physical Development

Physical Development is not just about Fitness as it also incorporates the other Physical needs of a Goalkeeper to prepare them physically for a game including:

  • Reactions;
  • Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ or ‘Fast-Feet’);
  • Movement;
  • Balance; and
  • Stamina.

Physical Development can be Assessed in stand alone exercises or whilst performing Technical practical sessions and assessments (as previously discussed in this blog).

However Physical Development must also include those important areas sometimes overlooked or neglected:

  • Warm up and Cool Down; and
  • Health and Well-Being (including prevention and treatment of injuries).


Assessing a better future

The Worcester Goalkeeper Academy kicked off again on Friday and after months of planning week 1 was a resounding success.

We realise that to develop a player, in line with qualitative continual improvement goals, we first need to understand what the players current ability is and then reassess in the future weeks to see if improvements are achieved.

Keepers were therefore split into groups and assessed in different categories, to test their current abilities in line with the FA four corner model, testing each keeper for technical, psychological, physical and social ability.

The data collected is currently being collated by our performance coach, but on quick glance it could be seen that this was indeed a useful exercise. We now have a starting point for every player and will now look to improve them through specific coaching plans over the coming weeks.

We shall be using our performance coaches from next week to continually monitor performance of both player and coach to assist them in our pursuit of this continued development.

And with our expanding team of highly experienced coaches and the resources we have available to develop all aspects, we are confident of improvements. I shall let you know how we get on…

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