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Worcester Goalkeeper Academy Coach Profile: Russell Pinfield

Russell Pinfield, Goalkeeper Coach at the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy.


Qualified as a Level 1 Football and Goalkeeping coach.

Coaching Goalkeepers and Outfield players for 3 years at Local level with his son’s football team, to provide support to him, his team mates and the management team.

Main interest is Goalkeeping and why Russell jumped at the chance to coach at the Academy.


Training should be fun. It shouldn’t be regimented or too serious, as it loses it’s appeal to the younger members.

Sometimes teaching and showing the correct way to do things doesn’t always mean that the Goalkeeper understand what needs to improve/change. It is therefore important to encourage the Goalkeepers to self analyse. That working things out for themselves with the odd little pointer from the coach, is a better learning environment for student Goalkeepers.

All Russel wishes to achieve is an improvement in Goalkeepers in any way he can.

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