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Ho ho ho Christmas fun at the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy

Our last session of 2014 before the festive break, saw lots of fun and games. Games that had our keepers and coaches smiling, but always with an emphasis on Goalkeeping.

After the initial warm up, we had a relay race of two teams competing against each other doing SAQ (Speed-Agility-Quickness) exercises. We did this 4 times before finding an eventual winner.

We followed this with a couple of team games, that paid homage to our former goalkeeper coach, Bernard Day, where the team in the lead would wear the Santa hats. With the other team desperate to score a goal to get the hats off the opposition. Always fun… Bernie would have been proud 😉

Apart from a good game of goalie wars, we also did last keeper standing, seeing our keepers pull out some ‘camera saves’. So good that this session went on for quite a while until we had an eventual winner… Well done Luke Deakin!

Then it was over to the coaches to save shots from the keepers… Some really great shots too. The eventual winner was another Luke… Well done Luke Shearing!

We also gave a prize for the best hat. Julia couldn’t resist giving it to Mr elf ears himself… No not Luke… Jack Sankey.

All did well and all went a way with a well deserved present from the Academy. We wish them all and all our blog readers a very Happy Christmas!

The Worcester Goalkeeper Academy starts back 6th February 2015. Come along to improve your skills as a Goalkeeper… And also we train Goalkeeper Coaches too! See you in the new year 😉


Taking Goalkeeper coaching to the next level: Using the Batak Pro at the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy to improve reactions

At the Academy we always had a Plan B if we we were caught out by the weather. A plan that included work indoors on balance and reactions. To date we have not been too unlucky with the weather and as such Julia’s Plan B wasn’t used. However, after Julia observed the improvements of one of our keepers by using the Batak wall in the lab at the University, part of Plan B was rolled out last night.

We try to Instil better technique in our keepers, but in a fun environment and the Batak is one of those tools that even though a fun exercise actually helps promote better reactions and vision.

If you are unaware of what the Batak is, check out this link to see Pepe Reina attempt it:

One of our keepers got a score of 77 in 60 seconds, putting Pepe Reina to shame. By the way, Pepe if you read this, you are welcome to come to the Academy and take on Will 😉

After this session we went back out on the Astro and did some shot stopping… Had they improved and did they react better? Most definitely!

It’s no surprise then that we are now planning to use the Batak more often!

Well done keepers 😉

Goalkeepers are you looking to improve your technique with Goalkeeper specific training? Come along and join us at the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy 7:00pm Friday nights on the Worcester University 3G AstroTurf.

Further information and contact details at:

RIP Bernard Day – My Goalkeeper Coaching inspiration

I have just found out, rather late I know, that my Goalkeeper coaching friend has passed away. I am deeply upset at this news and even though it got to me late it still had that hard hitting effect on me. Because, he was such a great man, someone who taught me so much as a coach, someone who taught my daughter to be a better player and person, and someone who had such a profound effect on everyone he met or worked with.

His love was football and he had a love for developing footballers – the right way. Such was his passion, he helped out at so many places developing so many players… and even though it was a long drive away and as we are a not for profit academy could not pay him much, he still came to the Goalkeeper Academy as he loved helping all our kids and our coaches.

I recently recalled a few of his jokes and even remember the stories he told me on a recent trip to Liverpool. He had such a great humour, you couldn’t help but love the man.

He was an inspiration to so many. Footballers, Goalkeepers, Coaches… Me… Everyone learnt so much from him. We have lost not only a great mentor but a very dear friend.

Bernard Day former coach at the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy, my friend, rest in peace x

Worcester Goalkeeper Academy to reopen it’s doors

We have just finished an evenings planning ready for the new season at the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy.

The plan is to start the Academy on the 26th September 2014 for 12 weeks, with a further 12 weeks planned from 9th January 2015.

As per previous seasons the Academy will look to develop both Keepers and Up coming coaches in a fun yet challenging environment. Preparing Goalkeepers fully for the season and for their future progression.

We have already had much success, seeing our keepers develop in their local games and with a number now playing at a higher level / professional club academy. We have also seen some of our student coaches move on into club roles in the football league.

Come along and try us out.

The cost of sessions will be £6 with discounts for purchasing 6 or 12 week blocks.

Contact information is available via the website

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