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Brave Goalkeeping

Further to my post of bravery, in which I focused on the 1v1 situation, here are a couple of YouTube videos showing the technique of 1v1 with Hope Solo and another that is from the training ground of a Goalkeeping Academy showing some aspiring young keepers being taught the technique of 1v1. This of course needs that element of bravery as the keeper will need to dive at feet.


Joe Hart Goalkeeping Saves

Further to my previous post. Judge for yourself of what you think Joe Hart does well or could improve on by viewing these YouTube videos:

The future’s bright for England U21’s

Just to add to my previous post, check out this YouTube video of Jack Butland (Birmingham City), Declan Rudd (Norwich City) and Ben Amos (Manchester United), our Englands U21 Goalkeeping talent in training:

Ben Foster Goalkeeping Saves

Further to my previous post. You can see just why Ben Foster won the Player of the Season with Birmingham City, through this YouTube video, which includes his superb display in the Carling Cup Final in 2011…

Practice makes perfect…

Check out this YouTube video. However, to our young goalkeepers, please may I ask you to showboat on the training ground only! Plus also a word to the wise, this guy has spent ages perfecting his skill to just kick these dead balls perfectly and although it may not necessarily be clear to see him using an imagery script, he has got to a level where he can automatically adjust (without realising) to suit to kick the ball. Just goes to show that practice can make perfect!

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